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The complete Door Fitting services since 2000

  • Sliding Door Repair
  • Roller Replacement & Adjustment
  • Security Doors
  • Interior Doors
  • Exterior Doors
  • Internal Timber/Aluminium Doors
  • External Timber/Aluminium Doors
  • Stacking Doors
  • Aluminium Sliding Doors
Sliding Door Repair
Sliding Door Repair

Sliding doors come in various styles and materials. While sliding doors provide many functional and aesthetic advantages, they can be a nuisance when they don't operate properly. We do Sliding Door Installation and repair internal & external sliding doors made of aluminium, timber, etc.

Roller Replacement & Adjustment
Roller Replacement & Adjustment

If you feel the sliding door is giving you a hard time every time you open or shut it, then it is most likely your rollers are causing the problem. We recommend replacing the rollers or even have them repaired and adjusted.

Security Doors
Security Doors

Security is important for residential or commercial properties. We provide only the best repair services for your security doors. We Fit Doors and Repair's team are very experience and can help you find, install and maintain the right Security Doors that will ensure your safety.

Interior Doors
Interior Doors

Interior doors can be simple partition doors for your rooms, toilets/bathrooms, wardrobe, laundry, door to garage, or shutter doors. We provide Interior Doors Fitting of various types made of timber or glass, pre-hung doors, decorative doors, mirrored doors, or interior panel doors.

Exterior Doors
Exterior Doors

Exterior doors serve two functions: aesthetic value and security. Our tradesmen understand this and provide the best services to ensure that both these functions are met.

Internal Timber/Aluminium Doors
Internal Timber/Aluminium Doors

Count on us for Internal Timber/Aluminium Door Fitting Brisbane and Hanging Internal Timber/Aluminium Doors. All types of internal timber or aluminium doors can be fitted, repaired, or installed.

External Timber/Aluminium Doors
External Timber/Aluminium Doors

External doors of timber and aluminium are modern in design, sleek and provide the best in security and weatherproof surfaces. We provide expert services for the best solution to your External Timber/Aluminium Door Repairs and Installation.

Stacking Doors
Stacking Doors

Stacking doors can give you that open-air feeling of freshness. It gives a modern alfresco display and can use it for outdoor or indoor rooms. Call us to discuss anything to do with the installation, fitting, or repairing Stacker Doors.

Aluminium Sliding Doors
Aluminium Sliding Doors

Our Aluminium Sliding Door Installation and Aluminium Sliding Door Repair service will get your door sliding smoothly and easily. We take care in following the right process and best practice, using industry standards.



from humble beginnings Get it done right the first time. Need Doors Installed or Repaired in Brisbane? If you are looking for Door Repairs in Brisbane, Installations, Fittings or any help with Hanging Doors, then look no further!

Call We Fit Doors and Repairs on 0409 497 900

We Fit Doors & Repair is an Australian owned family business in Brisbane (Estd 2004), one of the fastest & successful growing businesses in the Doors industry. With over 20 years of experience in Door Repair, Door Fitting, Door Installation, Hanging Doors, and over a 1000 jobs done each year, we focus on Customer’s needs, by providing a solution for their Home or Commercial Office. We service Residential, as well as Commercial customers in Real Estate, New Home Builders & Renovations, Home Improvement etc - so anything to do with Doors, we can service it. For Commercial customers, we provide these services through Maintenance Contracts. We are a qualified and reliable business servicing domestic, commercial and industrial Door repairs, Door fitting, Door replacement, Door Installation, etc.

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You can simply contact our friendly staff, and we will guide you throughout the entire process--from choosing the right door for you to installation.

Although there are numerous DIY tutorial videos out there, we do not recommend that you install a door yourself since it requires great attention to detail. People typically call professional and licensed carpenters to install them. The reason is to avoid damaging the door, frame, or hardware, which would only end up costing you more in the long run.

Corinthian or Hume doors are renowned, not just in Australia but throughout the world, for the variety of options and quality. They are not exactly cheap, so you need to protect your investment to make sure they are installed correctly. It would be best to call licensed, professional carpenters to do it correctly the first time.

The installation time will depend on the type and size of the door, access to the site, types of hardware, and the door frames. Typically, it will take about 3-5 hours to install a door. The process may take longer if the carpenter needs to insulate the door to save on electricity.

The professional cost will depend on what is involved in your installation. The contractor will consider the style of hardware, size, and shape of the frame, access to the site, the complexity of the job. It will also depend on your location.

The short answer is yes. It is not only for your protection but also for the contractors, as well.

This is one compelling reason why you should only hire professionals; to avoid any unnecessary damage. We can also recommend, using professional and licenced painters for your timber door, for it to become a conversation piece. After all, your door is the first thing that greets your visitors as they enter your home.

Make sure that the access to the door is free of any obstruction. When the professional door installers spend more time cleaning the access way, it will add to the number of labour hours, and your costs will accrue. Other than that, you do not have to do anything else.

You may think that the licensed carpenter would be responsible for discarding your old door. But this is not part of the service contract. You can easily arrange for us to include in the quotation the process of disposing of your old door.

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Thanks so much for your advice and expertise today, it was good to deal with someone who clearly understands his trade!
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