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Posted on 03th, Aug 21

Designing and preparing your home for living is much more time consuming than it sounds. Aside from the difficulty involved in selecting your furniture, theme, and colour palette, there is also the challenge of installing fixtures properly. Have you ever thought about the floors, light fixtures, and doors in your home? All of these things require proper knowledge and skill to perform correctly, which explains why many choose to hire professional carpenters to do the job. Hanging a door, in particular, may seem complex at first since you have to prepare several materials and perform many tasks meticulously.

With that said, the process of hanging doors may seem difficult but certainly not impossible. It may take you some time to learn the ropes, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to speed up the process. As a homeowner, knowing how to do certain home improvement projects can also be beneficial in the long run. Naturally, it will also not hurt to hire a company that specialises in such services, but having adequate knowledge will help you ensure that the job is done correctly.
Below, you will find some guidelines on door fitting and hanging, so you can better familiarise yourself with the process.

Prepare the Materials

As with any other home improvement project, start by preparing all the important materials. First, you will need some basic supplies like a dark shade pencil, measuring tape, and utility knife. Next, you need more specialised tools, such as a sledgehammer, handsaw, and hammer for more technical steps. If you are not used to handling such tools, make sure you get help from someone to prevent injuries.

Trim the Height

Naturally, you have to make sure your door fits the opening properly. To do this, you will likely need to trim the height to get the right fit. Having a door lifting wedge, along with other supplies like your pencil, tape measure, and saw, can help you get a more accurate measurement. Make sure to measure from the top, so you can trim the bottom part until you get the right size. You also have to be wary about the level of your floor to ensure the door will be balanced once you hang it.
Once you have marked the parts that need to be cut off, you can take our your saw or circular saw, depending on how much you need to remove. Use a straight edge to guide you as you make the cut, then go slowly to ensure you trim the door properly. Alternatively, you can opt for a hand plane if you only need to remove a small portion or clean up any cuts made by the saw with this tool.

Plumb the Hinge

Plumbing a door is crucial to ensure it opens and closes correctly, but this step is often missed by many homeowners. This is also one of the reasons why many choose to hire professionals to do the job since it can be tricky to do without experience. However, if you want to learn how to hang doors, you can look for a pre-hung door that is already plumb. Do consult with a professional to ensure the door is plumb to avoid running into problems during installation.

Install the Accessories

Once your door is mostly finished, you can install the accessories, such as the lock set and hinge knuckles. Be careful when drilling holes for the accessories as you might cut off the edge of the door. To prevent this from happening, you can try doing a test drill or marking the area to drill.

Hang the Door

After you finish trimming your door, you can lift it up and try to fit it into the door frame. Start by screwing the top to see if it fits correctly. If you screw all the hinges at once, you may have a hard time making further adjustments if needed. Screwing the top will allow you to move and adjust the door as you see fit. If you find that everything fits correctly, you can proceed to screw the middle, then finishing off by screwing the bottom.
Indeed, hanging doors is not easy and requires skill and experience. Though it is not impossible to do on your own, it is often advisable to get help from carpenters or experts since you may need to work with unfamiliar tools. With that said, there is nothing wrong with familiarising yourself with some of the steps. This way, you can maintain your door’s condition better and see to it that the installation is done seamlessly.

How to hang a door

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