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We Fit Doors and Repair provides professional, efficient and reliable service for installation, repair and maintenance of your doors. We believe in the best practices and comply with all the relevant safety procedures and standards. We provide services to Door Repairs, Door Installation, Door Fitting or Hanging services in Brisbane.

Our Services includes:

Sliding Door Repair

Sliding doors come in various styles and materials. While sliding doors provide many functional and aesthetic advantages, they can be a nuisance when they don't operate properly. We do Sliding Door Installation and repair internal & external sliding doors made of aluminium, timber, etc. It could be an Entry or Exit Sliding Door, near a room or a wardrobe door. For Sliding door and Bi-fold Door Installation call our experts on 0409 497 900

Roller Replacement & Adjustment

If you feel the sliding door is giving you a hard time every time you open or shut it, then it is most likely your rollers are causing the problem. We recommend replacing the rollers or even have them repaired and adjusted. For Roller Replacement & Installation call us on 0409 497 900

Security Doors

Security is important for residential or commercial properties. We provide only the best repair services for your security doors. We Fit Doors and Repair's team are very experience and can help you find, install and maintain the right Security Doors that will ensure your safety.

Interior Doors

Interior doors can be simple partition doors for your rooms, toilets/bathrooms, wardrobe, laundry, door to garage, or shutter doors. We provide Interior Doors Fitting of various types made of timber or glass, pre-hung doors, decorative doors, mirrored doors, or interior panel doors.

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors serve two functions: aesthetic value and security. Our tradesmen understand this and provide the best services to ensure that both these functions are met. To have Exterior Door fitted, call Gary on 0409 497 900

Internal Timber/Aluminium Doors

Count on us for Internal Timber/Aluminium Door Fitting Brisbane and Hanging Internal Timber/Aluminium Doors. All types of internal timber or aluminium doors can be fitted, repaired, or installed.

External Timber/Aluminium Doors

External doors of timber and aluminium are modern in design, sleek and provide the best in security and weatherproof surfaces. We provide expert services for the best solution to your External Timber/Aluminium Door Repairs and Installation.

Timber Sliding Doors

We have been installing and repairing Timber sliding doors for more than 2 decades. While aluminium and glass sliding doors are the most common, timber sliding doors have character.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Our Aluminium Sliding Door Installation and Aluminium Sliding Door Repair service will get your door sliding smoothly and easily. We take care in following the right process and best practice, using industry standards.

Manual Door Closers

Manual door closers have been around for a long time now and can be a simple spring on an old screen door or a sophisticated electronic hold-open device that is hooked to the smoke or heat detector. We are experienced and skillful with Manual Door Closer Installation and service.

Hydraulic door closers

With the advent of modular homes, Hydraulic door closers have been gaining popularity. We can repair or install a hydraulic door closing system to your existing door.Hydraulic Door Closers/Fitting and Hydraulic Door Repair are easy to service, especially in the hands of our expert tradesmen.

Hinge repair/installation

The door hinge can get loose or rusted easily. If you start to hear your door make a squeaky noise when opening and closing, the door hinge might need repair or replacement. We Fit Doors can provide services such as Hinge Installation and Repairs Brisbane.

Handle repair/installation

Sometimes, the entire door may not need to be replaced. As part of our repair and maintenance services we repair, install and replace Door Handles with lock & key if required.

French Doors

French doors cover the height of the wall and are a classic elegant touch to the home. They can sometimes be difficult to install. We have provided many French Doors Installation and Fitting services in Brisbane metro areas.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are designed to be used in closets, pantries, and in some cases as folding doors between rooms. Bifold doors are always done in pairs, with two doors folding to one side, or with four doors, split in the centre of the opening, with two doors folding back to each side. We service Bi-fold Door Installation, fitting and Repairs.

Front Entry Doors

The first thing that people see of your home is the Front Entry Door. These doors need to be aesthetically pleasing, provide cover from weather, and provide security. Our expert team can help you install the right door that serves all of the above functions. For experienced & quality services on Hanging Front Doors call us today.

Lattice Doors

For rooms that don't require a full door or to section off areas of this room, lattice doors are the perfect option. We have the tools and expertise to install and repair lattice doors in your homes. Call us for Lattice Door Repairs or Installation.

Panoramic Doors

Panoramic Doors are mainly for garden rooms, giving total access to a view of your garden. The folding doors act as a single or double door and when folded away they provide a unique panorama of your garden. Any or all walls can be fitted with Panoramic Doors. We have serviced many customers over the years and therefore have the right skills and experience in installing or repairing Panoramic Doors.

Corinthian doors

Corinthian doors are very popular in Australia and we have the expertise and experience in fitting, installing or even repair. Hanging Corinthian Doors in Brisbane must be done by an experienced tradesman. With so many years of experience, we are your best choice to install or repair, or even guide you with supplying Corinthian doors.

Hume doors

If you have Hume doors, we can do the fitting, installation or even repair. You may visit the Hume Door showroom to look at the style or design you need. We can then install these Hume Doors, or perhaps if you need service or repairs, we can do them too.

Aluminium Screen Doors

These doors provide an excellent screen to your home from insects while maintaining natural ventilation. We can install, hang or fit them with quality work.

Glass Doors

Interior Glass Doors usually come in clear form or frosted. They are great doors if you want to allow natural light to come through your home. Glass Doors can add a beautiful look to your home, adding value and class to your property. We can service Glass Doors installation, repairs or fittings. We don't supply them but can guide you in the right direction with suppliers.

Exit Doors

Your home security is important to you and therefore Exit Doors are important to any home/property. We can service installation or service repairs to all types of Exit Doors at affordable rates. We will discuss your requirements to understand what would suit you best, and then quote you.

Heritage Doors

These doors look absolutely stunning, giving your home a heritage look. Our carpentry staff are experts in fitting, installing or repainting Heritage Doors with guaranteed skilled workmanship. After installing or repairing hundreds of doors, we get it done right the first time.

Solid Core Doors

We provide a full range of maintenance, fitting, installation and repairs of Solid Core doors. These doors may be hard to find but as experts, we can service you with Hanging Solid Core Doors.

External Semi Solid Bifold

Bifold doors do well within homes as it gives you the flexibility of folding them when needed. We are highly skilled and experienced with installation, repairs or even fit it right.

Hollow Core Bifolds

These doors are designed for fast and easy installation to give your home a contemporary look. We provide repairs work, install or can even fit Hollow Core Doors.

Interior Timber Doors

Timber Doors have been used by many people in Brisbane. They are long-lasting and easily colour coordinated with the theme of your home. We can service these doors by installing, fitting or repairing them.

Stacking Doors

Stacking doors can give you that open-air feeling of freshness. It gives a modern alfresco display and can use it for outdoor or indoor rooms. Call us to discuss anything to do with the installation, fitting, or repairing Stacker Doors.

Timber French Doors

French Timber doors apply the modern look to your home. We provide services such as French Door Repairs Brisbane, French Door Fitting Brisbane, and French Door Installation.

Timber Bifold Doors

Here at We Fit Doors, we service a wide range of services for Timber Bi-fold doors installation, Fitting, or service repairs.

External Timber Doors

Timber External doors are perfect for that good outdoor look, used by many Australians. They provide an old charm and are sturdy and long-lasting. We can service these doors (but don’t supply them). We do help our customers in guiding them on where to buy these doors from.

Fly Screen Doors

Having screen doors is important for your home. If you've purchased them and are looking for someone to install them, then contact us. We can also repair or service them.

Mirror Doors

We can install and service mirror doors. These types of doors are multifunctional and popular in houses with small spaces. They are also known to make your space look bigger or wider, giving you more room.

Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobe doors being most frequently used can wear easily. Doors hinges can come loose or can get stuck. We look after everything to do with Wardrobe doors, from repair, to installation services.

Venetian Doors

Our team will ensure that the installation, repair, and maintenance of the delicate “Venetian doors” are done with the appropriate care. Contact us via our quote form or give us a call to discuss your needs on Venetian Doors installation or repairs. Call 0409 497 900

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